Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Rainbow Girl' finished quilt...

     So this is the finished quiltie, I love it and is now hanging in my home. I have to admit, I didn't like paper piecing a lot before making this little quiltie but now I'm hooked with foundation paper piecing !!! I already began a new project that will show you soon !!

Ohh, and my partner Tacha received her DQS8 quiltie and she liked it so I'm very happy !!!

I have to apologise to all you wonderful friends that have left comments here and I couldn't reply to them, hope I can get back on track soon and visit all of your fantastic blogs !!!
Here has been a little bit crazy as we had our I Latinamerican Quilt Show and I took part in some workshops and I'm very tired right now. Lots and lots of info in such a little time frame !!! But the wonderful news is that I have lots of pics to show you soon !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DQS8 quiltie received...

I received my gorgeous DQS8 quiltie !!!!! YES !!! It looks like a modern piece of art, it's just wonderful !!!
Like an explosion of color, so cool !!!

And it arrived in a fantastic box with the sweetest card and some wonderful extras: a pen, a notebook, chocolate, tissue and lovely Simplicity scraps, which I already am cutting into pieces !!! YUMMY !!!!

Thank you soooo much, Sara of Kindred Crafters, I was really spoilt by you !!! I love my quiltie and extras !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DQS8 quiltie sent...

I promised to show you the quiltie I sent to my partner on the DQS8, so here it is !!!

I made this third quiltie because I thought the last two weren't entirely my partner's style. Although she had a rainbow circle of geese and an embroidered girl as her favorites I unsderstood she liked lots of houses best, yes, she has lots and lots of houses as her favorites, so I decided to go for houses this time. Not my personal favorite, I don't like houses on quilts, but let me tell you, in the end, I have to admit I fell in love with the quiltie and had a hard time letting it go !!! I just hope it will make my partner happy !!!
I used as many Heather Bailey's fabric as I had as my partner likes them and so do I !! 
I also sent her a little extra but didn't take pics of that, sorry!

Hope you have a wonderful day !!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm back !!!

So I'm back after a month !!! Can't believe how time flies !!! I've been on vacations and  when I returned from them I found sooo much to do and organize for the beginning of the year ( here in Argentina classes begin on March, and people often take vacations on January or February, so the working craziness begins in March for most of us).

I really missed you all as I couldn't visit blogs, only left some comments on the DQS8 Flickr Pool so my partner would have a sense of my tastes.

Although I haven't been blogging I've been sewing a little. I started a second doll quilt as I thought my partner didn't like my first option with the dresden plate. This time I made a rainbow circle of flying geese...

And then I thought of adding an embroidery in the middle of the circle. I decided to go with this girl reading a book in the forest, as my partner had one similar as a favorite.

A sneak peek of the binding, all finished now !!

But, although I had wonderful and kind comments from other group members, I guess my partner didn't like it either ( and I say this because my partner always makes comments on the pics that she likes ).

So I started and almost finished a third quiltie !!!! And this one is the final one, that will travel tomorrow to...

Will show sneak peeks of it on my next comment !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!
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