Saturday, December 25, 2010


I wish you all a cool Merry Christmas !!! Have a wonderful day full of joy and warm memories !!! And please, send us some snow, we're melting here !!! LOL

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hexie Fever !!!

I'm back to show you what I've been up to in these couple of weeks, in between work! I've been making 1/2" hexies, now I have 100 done and will need...hmmm...5,000 for my project !!! A loooong way to go, but will get there some day !!!

I hope you had the best Mother's Day ever !!! Here we celebrate Mother's Day in October, so a few months for me to finish something special for my Mum !!

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

II International Quilt Show Pics...

Just enjoy the eye candy !!!

I really had a great time at the Quilt Show, enjoyed the gorgeous exhibition, met some wonderful quilters and took part in a Workshop with RaNae Merrill, that REALLY was the icing on the cake !!!!! Such a great learning experience !!! I'll show more of that on my next post !!!

Have a great day everyone !!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Rainbow Girl' finished quilt...

     So this is the finished quiltie, I love it and is now hanging in my home. I have to admit, I didn't like paper piecing a lot before making this little quiltie but now I'm hooked with foundation paper piecing !!! I already began a new project that will show you soon !!

Ohh, and my partner Tacha received her DQS8 quiltie and she liked it so I'm very happy !!!

I have to apologise to all you wonderful friends that have left comments here and I couldn't reply to them, hope I can get back on track soon and visit all of your fantastic blogs !!!
Here has been a little bit crazy as we had our I Latinamerican Quilt Show and I took part in some workshops and I'm very tired right now. Lots and lots of info in such a little time frame !!! But the wonderful news is that I have lots of pics to show you soon !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DQS8 quiltie received...

I received my gorgeous DQS8 quiltie !!!!! YES !!! It looks like a modern piece of art, it's just wonderful !!!
Like an explosion of color, so cool !!!

And it arrived in a fantastic box with the sweetest card and some wonderful extras: a pen, a notebook, chocolate, tissue and lovely Simplicity scraps, which I already am cutting into pieces !!! YUMMY !!!!

Thank you soooo much, Sara of Kindred Crafters, I was really spoilt by you !!! I love my quiltie and extras !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DQS8 quiltie sent...

I promised to show you the quiltie I sent to my partner on the DQS8, so here it is !!!

I made this third quiltie because I thought the last two weren't entirely my partner's style. Although she had a rainbow circle of geese and an embroidered girl as her favorites I unsderstood she liked lots of houses best, yes, she has lots and lots of houses as her favorites, so I decided to go for houses this time. Not my personal favorite, I don't like houses on quilts, but let me tell you, in the end, I have to admit I fell in love with the quiltie and had a hard time letting it go !!! I just hope it will make my partner happy !!!
I used as many Heather Bailey's fabric as I had as my partner likes them and so do I !! 
I also sent her a little extra but didn't take pics of that, sorry!

Hope you have a wonderful day !!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm back !!!

So I'm back after a month !!! Can't believe how time flies !!! I've been on vacations and  when I returned from them I found sooo much to do and organize for the beginning of the year ( here in Argentina classes begin on March, and people often take vacations on January or February, so the working craziness begins in March for most of us).

I really missed you all as I couldn't visit blogs, only left some comments on the DQS8 Flickr Pool so my partner would have a sense of my tastes.

Although I haven't been blogging I've been sewing a little. I started a second doll quilt as I thought my partner didn't like my first option with the dresden plate. This time I made a rainbow circle of flying geese...

And then I thought of adding an embroidery in the middle of the circle. I decided to go with this girl reading a book in the forest, as my partner had one similar as a favorite.

A sneak peek of the binding, all finished now !!

But, although I had wonderful and kind comments from other group members, I guess my partner didn't like it either ( and I say this because my partner always makes comments on the pics that she likes ).

So I started and almost finished a third quiltie !!!! And this one is the final one, that will travel tomorrow to...

Will show sneak peeks of it on my next comment !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally Finished !!!

I'm sooo happy I finally finished my Neighborhood Row Cross-Stitch Stitchery, it's my first finish for this year !!!!! Woooo Hooooo

I began cross stitching this last year and wanted to finish it sooo badly that it was one of my goals for January, together with my 'Madonna Sixtina' embroidery, which has been left apart just a bit these last couple of days !!! Poor angels, they won't have their wings soon this way, but I'm sooo happy that I have one cross stitch project less to finish, and let me tell you, my list is looooong !!!!

So, here it is, in all its glory !!!! Now I just have to decide what to make with it !!!! LOL

Have a great day everyone !!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DQS8 quiltie and embroidery progress...

I know I promised to share this with you yesterday, but I was all day in bed because of a food poisoning,
 I guess...that was terrible !!

So here I am, back with some pics to show you !!

First is my progress on the DQS8. All cut is done, actually I finished cutting the dresdens on Sunday, but couldn't touch my sewing machine since then !!!

I hope you all like it as I guess my partner does not !!! I'm thinking of starting over right now with a different idea and sketch. Well, we'll see...But at least I'll make mine, I do like it and can't wait to get it done !!!
So sorry for the white background, I didn't want to iron...yeah, I know...I'm lazy, but to my defense...I hate ironing !!!! That's the worst part of quilting !!!
By the way, which is the part you hate the most about quilting??? I'd love to know !! Just for fun !!!

Second is my progress on my 'Madonna Sixtina' embroidery. As you can see, not much going on here. I hope I'll have much more to show you in two weeks !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beginning of DQS8 quiltie...

Thise year I will slow down on swaps because I just want to focus in making some quilts for me and my family, but I couldn't resist to take part in the Doll Quilt Swap 8 !! It's the second time I participate in this swap and I love it ! This time I got a gorgeous partner that has lots of favorites and she just adds more day after day !!! She has clear ideas of what she likes so it was easy for me to think about what I'm gonna make for her. I sketched something already but decided to change a little that concept.

This is my original sketch...

And these are some of the fabrics I'm using for the quiltie, do you see a pattern here?

Well, let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE what I'm making for my partner, I love it soo much that I'm making one for me too !!! Yes !!! I'm making two quilts at the same time with slight differences !!!

Will show you the pieces as soon as I cut them all, hope by tomorrow, and I'll also show you how my 'Madonna Sixtina' embroidery is going. I decided to show you the embroidery every two weeks, if not you'll get bored to see it A LOT around here, it may take me A WHILE  to get it done !!! LOL

Have a nice day everyone !!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Angel to the rescue...

Last year I took part in lots of swaps (I promise it won't be like that this year, will definitely slow down on that!) and two of my partners were MIA !!! I never received my Good Ol' Summer Time Mini Quilt and my Friendship bag and that was really SAD and DISSAPOINTING !!!

But a kind lady I met through this marvellous world of blogs came to my rescue and offered herself to be an Angel for the Summer Mini Quilt and the Friendship Bag swaps. That kind and generous Angel is Béa from Une Aiguille Dans Une Botte de Foin, and her gorgeous gifties arrived to lift my faith in humanity!

Look at what I got!!! A wonderful Summer quilt that will look gorgeous as a tablerunner also !!! It has SUMMER written all over it !!! Yummy cherries and my favorite colors !!!!
She really knows my tastes !! LOL

And this cute matching Friendship Bag, just stunning !! Will use it for my embroidery threads !!!

And she included a sweet card also! I love all of the gifties !!

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, BÉA !!!! I'll never forget this, my friend !!!

Have a great day everyone !

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monday Focus Project Week # 1...

Hi you all, I hope you had a great New Year's Day and  that you begin 2010 with renewed goals and wishes !!!

I have to apologize for not replying to your comments but I haven't been at home for some days now and I'm slowly replying to them, thank you soooo much for your kind comments and wishes for 2010 !!! Hope you have the best year full of accomplishments and WISPs finished !!!

So I decided to join May Britt's idea and focus each Monday on a project for the coming week to work on, and blog about it. But I made a tiny change to the whole concept. I'm focusing in only ONE project to hand stitch until I finish. And I'll blog about my progress each Monday, so that'll make me work on it and finish it quickly !!! it is... I introduce you to my WISP # 1 for this year !!!

'La Madonna Sixtina', a counted cross stitch paint that I started 3 years ago and now I'm determined to finish as I want to frame it for a special spot in my house that's waiting for it !!
Wish me luck for this week !!

Have a great day everyone !!!
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