Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tutorial: Fabric Origami Flower...

Hi everyone!
This is my first tutorial ever, so I hope to be clear enough and make it easy for you so there'll be lots of fabric origami flowers growing on your sewing gardens!!!

Many of you have said to me that you liked these little flowers and a lot have asked about how do I make them, so here's my humble way to say Thank You for all of your comments and interest!! If you have any doubt don't hesitate to send me an e-mail, I'll be happy to clear all doubts!.

Materials you'll need (forgot to take a picture, sorry!):

- Fabric, a piece larger enough to cut 10 to 12 squares,
-Matching thread and needle.
 Be sure to have your needle threaded before starting, with a tiny knot at the end.
-Beads or buttons covered with the same or different fabric to use as embelishment for the center of the flower.

Begin cutting your squares. The bigger the flower size, the more squares you'll need. I used  3.5" and 1" squares for the ones pictured above. For the big one I needed 12  3.5"squares and for the smaller one I used 10 1" squares. It also depends in the fabric, if it's a heavier one you'll probably need less squares.

Begin placing your first square with the right side of the fabric facing down, and fold diagonally. Finger press.
You'll end up having a triangle.
 A little tip that I learned making tons of them. If you want a certain print to appear in the middle of your petal, be sure to place it facing towards you when you fisrt fold it, as the little rosebud you see above.

Take the upper corner of the triangle and meet the lower point with it.

Do the same with the other upper corner so both meet at the bottom point. Now you have two little triangles, to the right and left .Finger press firmly.

Pressing firmly take your folded square and turn it over so that the folded seams face down.

Remember your little triangles? Bring the right corner and fold it towards the center of the square.

Do the same with the left corner so both meet at the center of the square. Always finger press. Warning!! They'll try to escape and unfold, don't let them!!!

Now you have to fold the straight edges together, one on top of the other...

You'll end up with a shape like the one in the right. Finger press the folded edges and the middle, and don't let go !!!

Remember the threaded needle?? It's time to use it and it's a good thing you had it prepared because if not your petal will completelly unfold and you'll have to start over!
Just make two or three stitches to hold the folded seams in place and cut the thread.

You'll be looking at this shape now. The left one is the back and the right one is the right side of your petal. Remember the tip I gave you at the beginning? Any print you left facing you in the first step/fold will now be visible in the center of the petal.

Now it's time for the scissors! Cutt off the unnecessary fabric at the bottom of your petal. This way it'll be easier to gather them up once you're finished with all of them..

Congratulations!!! You made your first petal, now you have to make the others!!!

When you have all of them it's time to gather them up. Make sure you tied a knot in a double thread and begin to string them, one next to the other until you have all of them strung together. Then pass the needle back through the first three petals to secure them and form the circle. Pull, but not too tight as the petals will move and the flower will lose its shape.

This is the flower you'll end up having...

It will look like this at the back.

Just sew the finishing touches to embelish the center of the flower, or glue them if you don't want to sew.
You could also sew or glue a little circle of felt at the back of the flower and sew or glue a little brooch to it to make a flower brooch . You could also glue them to hair clips for girls or use as decoration for a bag or quiltie...Possibilities are endless!!! Enjoy !!!

Have a nice day everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sew Into Summer: FQ Swap Received...

These are the gorgeous Fat Quarters I received from my partners in the Sew Into Summer: FQ Swap. I'm very late posting about receiving them because I wanted to post about the four of them but I never received the fourth one, it was lost in the mail.

I told my partner and she said she was going to send me another one but didn't receive that either(although I waited for it a looooot of time and finally gave up!).

 So I'm posting about the three GORGEOUS ones I received from Rachel, Sue and Mel. Thank you girls, I just LOVE them!!!! I'm so happy that I was paired up with you!!!

And a big Thank You to Ronit of 2 Hippos that organized this wonderful swap!!!

Have a great day everyone!

So sorry!

I have to apologise to my giveaway winners because I just couldn't mail your packages yet. The last 15 days have been a roller coaster! First my sewing machine had problems, so I couldn't sew the last stitches on your gifties until this weekend when I finally had it back from the shop! She had the hiccups, really! She jumped stitches and then finally got stuck when I tried to thread it! Lots of times! She wouldn't even stitch once !

Then last week I made a very intelligent move!!! I ate seafood!!! Imagine the rest of it!! Food poisoning, bed rest and a terrible headache for three days!! Well, let me tell you, I learned my lesson but can't say I won't eat seafood again, I just LOVE it!!! As much as I love chocolate !!
I will send your gifties tomorrow morning, so expect them soon! And a big SORRY for you again !!!

Have a great day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Scrappy Christmas blocks...

Back in July, when I still had Internet access, I signed up for  a Scrappy Christmas Block Swap.
We could choose to have 3 or 6 partners and had to make 2 scrappy blocks for each of them following this tutorial.
These are the ones I sent to my partners in USA, a set of two to each of my three partners.

I have to admitt I sent them after the deadline because I had problems with the size of the blocks (btw, I was not the only one, lots of people had that same problem!).
 So when I was about to send the packages I realized the blocks were 1/2" short, so I had to make all of the 6 blocks again and then had problems with the last 2 strips!!!! Nightmare!!! 

Finally I won and sent them last week, a few days later but with the right size!!!
Have a nice day everyone!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My DQS7...Sent!

After thinking a lot about what my partner would like I decided i'd go for circles inbright pastels, then I thought they weren't enough and decided to add a little butterfly just to give it a little bit of fun.
 And I realised it was too many circles with no other thing in the middle...well, at this stage I decided to make a little embroidery and began to browse all the pics and patterns I have for embroideries (lots of fun here!!!), and decided I'd stitch a little girl I saw one day, long time ago, at the Embroidery Flickr Pool (sorry, I don't have the link to it, but I guess it's still there, or if you want it I'll gladly e-mail it to you). This was a drawing that had stitched bubbles around it and the girl was blowing them. I fell in love!
So I hand copied the drawing for the little girl and embroidered it. But she was alone in the middle of a white fabric ! I thought of grass under her feet but didn't like the way it looked, and then...TA DA !!! I remembered The Little Prince on his planet and decided to build my little girl a planet for her!!! There she was, blowing away her dandelion on her little planet with lots of bright cirles and a butterfly to make her company!!!
I just wish my partner likes her !I do!
I used needle turn appliqué for the circles and raw edge machine appliqué for the butterfly. I embroidered the little girl with backstitch, and ended up with stippling, Done, off to its new home in...
Hope you like it!
Have a nice day everyone!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Giveaway Winners...

Yesterday I drew the winners on my Birthday Giveaway -sorry, no pics, raining day- and the winner was...
But wait ! There's more ! As my Birthday Giveaway was about Christmas coming and Christmas is all about giving, I decided to give two more little gifties, and the lucky ones were...
So, look for an e-mail from me and a little something coming soon in your mailboxes!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

You've got mail !

  Look what I've received in the mail lately ! I'm a super dooper happy girl !!!
 Ohh, well, not a girl, but I like to think I'm still one at the bottom of my heart.

Last week  a postcard arrived, and it was from my Secret Angel at the Stitcher's Angel Swap, and I love it ! The stamp says Deutschland (Germany) but I could be wrong if I think she's from Germany, maybe she made a relative send the postcard from Germany so she won't reveal her location!
Who knows...She's so kind, I just replied her mail because this was a hectic work week and I'm taking this Sunday for myself, to do what I love the best...SEW !!! And blogging !!! LOL

Thank you, my Secret Angel for sending me this thoughtful detail, I appreciate it !

Then on Friday my eyes popped when I saw the fabric I've been waiting for soooo long time, it finally made it here !!! Yummy Two Young Street by Prints Charming fabrics. I wanted them soooo badly since I saw them and as it's a collection from 2007 it was really hard to find, but I succeeded !!! YES !!!
 Look at these beauties !!!

I LOVE them !!! The colors, the flowers, YUMMY !!!
Have a nice day everyone !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DQS7 received...

Go here to enter My Birthday Giveaway.

Look what I got all the way from France !!! My DQS7 quiltie !!! YES !!!
Béa was my partner for the DQS7 and she sent me the cutest embroidered quiltie !!! I'm soooo happy !!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it !!!
-Click on the image to enlarge-

She embroidered a design from Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches with cute little birdies, flowers and friends. She chose the colors I like and made a cute checkered border and a grid quilting that is so neat !!
 My hat's off to you !!

I have to apologize to her because I couldn't get decent photos as today it was cloudy again,
so I 'borrowed' hers from her blog. Can you believe it, not only does she make wonderful quilts, but she takes gorgeous photos too !
Well the stitching closeup is one of my yellowish ones. Sorry !

I'm so happy that she was my partner and I thank our swap mama/papa for matching us !
BIG THANK YOU Béa, I'll treasure it and it already has a place in my house where everyone can admire it! And don't forget to visit her blog, it's wonderful, you won't regret it !
About the quilt I'm making for my swap partner, well, top is done and I'm in the process of quilting. I have to hurry !!! Photos coming soon !!! When I get a decent sunny day !!

Have a nice day everyone !
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