Monday, August 31, 2009

Remember this?

Go here to enter My Birthday Giveaway.

Do you remember this sneak peek of a mini quilt I sent to Susi in Germany for the July Summer Lovin' STUD (Swap Till You Drop, a Flickr Group)?
Now I can show you the finished quilt as she already received it ! And here it is...

And here's a close up of the 'lovin' birdies'. Susi loved it and I'm so happy that she did !

Have a sweet day everyone !
PS: on my next post I'll show you a gorgeous quilt I received from Béa ! I took pictures but they turned out to be very yellowy and I have to wait for a sunny day to take better ones, maybe tomorrow ! Today it's raining here !

My Birthday Giveaway...

Hi everyone!

As promised, today is the day, well, in fact my birthday was a month before, on July 31th, but technical problems got in the way.

You all know I love Christmas, and as it is approaching I thought I'd make something Christmas related for you. But, here's the catch...I love to receive presents for my birthday and I love to be surprised so I thought that I'd surprise you instead. Yes, my present for you is a secret. So, if you like to receive Christmas presents this is your chance !

Just leave a comment here to participate and a means of contact in case you are the lucky winner. I'll draw the winner on September 8th.

Have a nice day everyone !

Friday, August 28, 2009

My PC is back!!! And so am I !!!

I'm back!!! Finally !!! Let me tell you it was torture !!! I've been without Internet access for a month !!! A virus attacked my PC and it was BAD !!! It took forever to get it repaired, and back and running again, but it's DONE, now I feel I belong to planet earth again, at least to a modern one!!! LOL
It was NOT FUN at all !! I couldn't blog, or send e-mails to you all, or leave comments on other blogs and I couldn't even visit other blogs! And let me tell you, you girls are really hard working, I found tons of posts when I began browsing just a couple of blogs, I think I will never catch up with the reading !!! But I promiss I'll do my best !!!
I worked with my old PC but it doesn't have an Internet connection so I borrowed my friend's laptop when I needed Internet but only for work purposes. I was so tempted to spent hours browsing your blogs but it wasn't my PC and she needed for her work also, so I waited and waited and the day finally arrived, I'm back!
I have lots of things to tell you and to show you, and I'll do that in the next posts, I just wanted to say 'Hi' to you all and 'I'm sorry' to all of you who have visited my blog over the past month and didn't find a new post.
Ohhh, and I didn't forget about the giveaway I promised for my birthday, back in July 31st, I'll be announcing it on August 31st, so be prepared !!
Have a wonderful day!
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