Thursday, December 31, 2009



Thank you so much for making this blog experience so enjoyable !!!



Advent Swap...My gift for Angela...

My last package finally arrived to Angela and I'm ANGRY as it was destroyed by the not so decent people at customs !!! Two things 'magically dissappeared from the package, luckily my gift # 1 to Angela arrived safe and sound!!!

I made her this 2010 calendar holder quilt with the 'Casa Dolce Casa' saying (Home Sweet Home) in italian, and she liked it and hung it in her kitchen. I'm so happy that she liked it !!! You can see her post here. I tried to make it in a country style that she likes, I'm glad I succeeded although it's not my style ! LOL

I used this tutorial to make the calendar holder quilt.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 25, giftie # 1 !!

And I finally got to open my last giftie on the Advent swap and look what I got !!

A cute heart with an angel peeking !!! Isn't it gorgeous??
I love it and will hung on my sewing room to always look at and remind me
of this great swap and Christmas season !!

Thank you sooooo much Angela, I absolutely love all your gifties !!
You made this Christmas special, not only for the gifties,
but because I have a new friend in blogland thanks to this swap !!!

I enjoyed it a lot, thank you so much Fiona for organizing it !!!
Have a great day everyone !!!

Advent Gifties...the final countdown...

So here they are, the last Advent gifties that I opened!

December 17, giftie # 9

Pretty red ribbon!

December 18, giftie # 8

Gorgeous Christmas lace!

December 19, giftie # 7

Two beautiful Christmas cushion panels!!
I already have the perfect spot for them next year !!

December 20, giftie # 6

Gorgeous cotton trim, I'll save it for a special project!

December 21, giftie # 5

Yummy Italian chocolate, what you see is the package, the chocolate is gone !!

December 22, giftie # 4

Teeny tiny Christmas buttons, the cutest I've ever seen !

December 23, giftie # 3

Gorgeous felt hearts and stars, great for next year's projects!

December 24, giftie # 2

Yummy Italian chocolate !!! Believe it or not...the chocolate is still there!!!
 I'm saving them for New Year's Eve !! LOL

I was so spoiled by Angela!!
Thank you so much, I love all the gifties you sent me!!

I'm showing giftie # 1 in my next post !
Have a great day everyone !!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas !!!

May all the joy of the season be in your hearts
all year round !!
Have a very Merry Christmas full of wonderful moments to be cherished for years to come !!!

¡¡¡ Feliz Navidad !!!
Merry Christmas !!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A sweet ornament...

This is one of the ornies I made this year. I followed a Tilda pattern and made my own embelishments
with some embroidery and a raw edge machine appliquéd birdie,
 you know I love birdies and why not include them in Christmas decorations as well ?

Have a great day everyone!

Advent Gifties...

A week of Advent Gifties...

Time flies when you get to open a giftie a day !!!
 I wish it was December 1st again !!! LOL

December 9, giftie # 17

Gorgeous heart shaped charms!

December 10, giftie # 16

Teeny tiny turquoise and red bells, they are so cute,
 great to embelish some of my appliquéd pieces !

December 11, giftie # 15

Two great angel wings for my angel dolls,
I really love them and will treasure them for a special project
as we don't have this kind of wings here!

December 12, giftie # 14

Two hats for my dolls, super!

December 13, giftie # 13

Gorgoues pink thread for my quilts!

December 14, giftie # 12

Green and red painted clothpins with felt stars, great to hold Christmas cards!

December 15, giftie # 11

Two great pink FQs and a bouquet of tiny roses, I love them !!

December 16, giftie # 10

A teeny tiny Nativity, so special!! It's already with my other
three teeny tiny Nativities!

Thank you so much Angela, I love all of your gifties !!!

Have a great day everyone !!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Ornie Swap received...

I received my gorgeous Christmas ornie from Kim over at Pokey Town and I love it!
She used a gorgeous green felt and machine
 embroidered Christmas motifs.
Then embelished it with red lace and a little bell.
And she included the most adorable Christmas card with the cutest Christmas tree!

Thank you so much Kim !!!
I hope you like yours !
And a big thank you to Robyn for organizing this great swap!!

Have a great day everyone !

Advent Gifties...

2 days of Advent gifties...

December 7, giftie # 19

Wooden buttons in three sizes, I've already used them!

December 8, giftie # 18

An appliquéd tea towel with lovely patterns!

Thank you Angela !!

Have a great day everyone !

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Advent gifties...

6 days of Advent gifts...

Yes!! That's what I opened till now from the gorgeous packages I received from from Angela in Italy, and I loved every one of them !!! She chose such cute gifties and I'm so grateful for that, thank you Angela!
On the other hand, I'm terribly sorry that she didn't receive my parcels yet, I check every day with the post office and nothing. Hope you get your pressies really, really soon !!

December 1, giftie # 25...

A gorgeous Kit from Tilda, which I absolutely LOVE !!!
This is the first Tilda product I've ever had in my life, so you can imagine my excitement when I opened the wrapping paper and found these adorable rabbits by Tilda !!!
Now I have homework for next Easter day !!!

December 2, giftie # 24...

Super yummy pastry filled with nuts...Heaven !!! Needless to say...they are all gone !!!

December 3, giftie # 23...

Two gorgeous FQs in pink, ohhh, one of my favorite colors !!!
 And yes, in case you're wondering, I have a pretty large list of favorite colors and don't have one in particular that I love over the others, strange...uhh??

December 4, giftie # 22...

So you know now...I was in heaven again when I opened this giftie and found Tilda buttons, and not any button, Tilda's angels !!! If you see to the right of the blog you'll see one of my favorite things are angels,
 I love them and have them everywhere !!! A cute little baby angel is also my avatar. And you won't believe how many angels I have at home !!!
 Thank you so much Angela, you made my day when I opened this giftie !!!

December 5, giftie # 21...

Gorgeous big  bells to embelish my Christmas ornies, I love them !!! And will use them soon !!!

December 6, giftie # 20...

Blonde doll hair for my dolls !!

So what will be the next giftie ??? Ohhhh, lots of excitement and anticipation !!!
Thank you so much Angela, you've spoiled me !!!

Have a great day everyone !

Advent Swap received...

I received the most gorgeous Advent Swap from Angela in Italy. She sent two packages because of weight issues and she also included four wonderful Patchwork magazines that are incredible !!
 I already have two projects in mind for next year and would love to make them !! I didn't take pics of the magazines yet though, got carried away looking at the wonderful projects
and when I realized it was already getting dark!!

Such lovely gift wrapping and she included a sweet note!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Angela !!!

Have a great day everyone !

Monday, December 7, 2009

Giveaway Day winner...

So I used that gorgeous thingy called and it came up with a number...

As you can see, the winner is Number 43, but you wonder whose comment is that number ?

Well, after counting one, two and three times, so I didn't mess up, I'm glad to announce that the lucky winner of my little Tilda pouch and treats is ...

Who said:

'What a sweet little giveaway! Thanks for the chance to enter!

My favorite tradition is our Christmas tree. We always had a real tree each year when I was a child,
 and we have continued that tradition for our children.
I will post pics of this years tree on my blog in the next day or so...'

I'm sending an e-mail to you right now and let you know that you're the lucky winner!

I want to thank you all for your lovely comments and for being so kind and
 sharing your traditions with me, I loved to hear from all of you and there are
 some traditions that I'm going to make my own and my family's as I loved them !!!

In the next days I'll visit all of your blogs and will leave comments as
 I enjoyed so much your visit, and I hope you come back again and visit me to see
the new projects I'm working on.

Have a great day everyone !!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Giveaway Day !!!

Giveaway is now CLOSED

Today, and for the next four days, is Giveaway Day !!! Yes !! And I'm taking part in it this time ! Sew Mama Sew will post different lists of hundreds of blogs for you to visit and participate in their giveaways, so don't miss the chance and maybe you'll end up winning !!!

So...what's up for grabs here? Well, I decided to make a little Tilda pouch for you, in Christmas fabrics and white on white lining. It really is little...4" high and 5.5" on its widest part, so you can have it in your bag with all the things a girl always carries.

And I already filled it with some treats...a pink lip gloss on a key chain,
a double mirror and apple scented tissues.

So if you'd like to win it just leave a comment on this post telling me something about Christmas
 in your country, a tradition, a special meal, a special carol, what you toast with.
I love to know about different traditions and love Christmas so I get to begin!!!
We always eat icecream as a dessert for our Christmas Dinner
as we celebrate Christmas in Summer and we always toast with apple cider !!! YUMMY

The winner will be chosen randomly on December 7th and I will ship internationally
to any part in the world, so don't be shy !!!

Hope you have the most wonderful Holidays !!!

Have a great day !!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A little quilt for Oliver...

This is what I've been working on, it's a little quilt, baby quilt size I guess,  for my dog Oliver.

He loves everything in fabric or yarn so I decided to make him his own quilt...Mmmm, I'll let you in on a little secret...he already tried it !!! But it's not finished yet, I still have to quilt and bind, the worst part, I know, but I love both of them because I'm closer to finishing my little piece !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

September STUD Sent and Received...

 I took part in STUD's (Swap Till U Drop, a Flickr Group) Anniversary Swap in September and my partner for that month was Bec from Australia. We had to make a Mini with the 1st Anniversary Theme, so it could include yellow, gold, a clock, carnations (a flower that I hate), etc, all things related to a 1st year Anniversary.

As my partner liked some of the Minis I had done I chose to make one with a little birdie on it,
similar to the one I sent to my Summertime Mini Quilt Swap partner.
So much yellow going on here !!!

And look at the gorgeous quiltie that Bec made for me !!! She chose the clock as a theme and she made me a Quilter's clock, and I LOOVE it !!! Her sewing machine does wonderful embroidery !!!

It's already up and running in my sewing room, counting every minute I get to do what i love the most...QUILTING AND EMBROIDERY !!!
Thank you so much Bec, I LOOOVE it !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Angel Swap Received...

When I arrived home I found a package that came all the way from Germany, and it was from my Stitcher's Angel Anett of Allerlei aus Stoff !!! I opened it right away !!! Ohhh My Goodness !!!! She made such a terrific job with her gifties !!!

This is the great package that she sent me !!! Thank you Anett !!!

I love Christmas, redwork and one of my favorite colors is red,
 and she embroidered this gorgeous quiltie for me. Look at all the details !
 She hand quilted it, it's so perfect, and the fabrics she chose are lovely !!!

A closeup of her stunning work !
I LOOOVE my new Christmas quiltie, it will be displayed for Christmas !!!

And look at the gorgeous book cover that she made with May Britt's design, I love it !!!
 It's already being used with my patchwork ideas and projects !!!
And she also embroidered a cute pincushion that I'll treasure
because it's so cute that I think it's a pity to use, at least for now...
And the cutest embroidered card ever !!! Thank you !!

And look at the fantastic extras that she included with her great work !!!
A gorgeous Bag magazine, postcards and a book of the city where she lives: Hannover.
And a cute note ! I'm already making a project from the magazine!

She also included other great extras !!!
Fabric in gorgeous patterns with pink that I love !!! White trim and thread, gorgeous colors of embroidery thread, embroidery needles and lots of yummy german sweets that I've already tried and were superb !!!

You made my day, week and month !!! I absolutelly love ALL your gifties !!!!
Thank you for being so creative and generous !!! I wish you were spoiled like you spoiled me !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stitcher's Angel Parcel Sent...

These are the gifties I made for my Stitcher's Angel.
She's a special lady, very sweet, and her favorite color is lime green, but I found out about this after I had made my first giftie: the red needlecase.
 After that I included her favorite color in the other projects I made for her.

Helen's bag in my partner's colors...

A pincushion with a modified Gum Tree Designer's pattern, and a huge needlecase with pockets...

And this is the whole parcel I sent her. Hope she likes her pressies !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!
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